Sunday 17 July 2016

Sharp Practice: The Battle of García Hernández

The Battle of García Hernández took place on 23rd July, 1812 the day after the victory of Wellington at Salamanca.
The defeated French army left the battlefield covered by General Maximillien Foy’s 1st Infantry Division, a fresh French force as it did not have an active role in the main battle. Foy`s forces comprised two brigades with two regiments each and artillery.
Foy’s also got a light cavalry force reinforcement commanded b y General Jean-Baptiste Curto, with 2 squadrons of the 3rd Regiment d´Hussards, two squadrons of the 26th Regiment de Chasseurs and one squadron the 28th Regiment de Chasseurs.
According to French sources (but not mentioned in the British reports) the cavalry rearguard also comprised elements of the Division de Dragons commanded by General Pierre Boyér, in charge of protecting the artillery train retreating ahead in the north.
In the British side, Wellesley took personal command of pursuers, forming a group with the 1st Infantry Division, the Light Division, the light cavalry brigade of General Anson and the heavy cavalry brigade of General Von Bock (1st and 2nd  KGL Dragoons Regiments), the latter being part of the reserve division the previous day.
At dawn of July 23rd, both Anson and Von Bock initiated the persecution.

Victory conditions
French must take 3 infantry groups in good order by its friendly tactical edge (east side of the table) through point "S". British must prevent the French achieving the victory conditions or else force surrendering by Force Moral attrition.

the battle is played ina standard 6' x 4' table
This game does not use deployment points. The deployment areas are marked in the mapbelow
French: deploy before the game starts. Infantry on the road within 12” east of the bridge crossing the Gamo stream. Cavalry anywhere within 18” east of the same bridge and 
British: Light Cavalry deploys before the game starts west of the Gamo stream bridge at least at 12” distance. 
Heavy cavalry deploys on their activation card, entering the table through point “A” of the map and moving at canter speed.

Special rules

  • Infantry Squares: move a maximum of 1d6 per activation in any direction.
  • Gamo stream: it is fordable but act as heavy going for both infantry and cavalry. The Bridge over the Ganmo is located at 30" from the east table edge.
  • Level 2 hills are impassable terrain to all troops.
  • No reinforcements are used

Order of Battle
4th Heavy Cavalry Brigade (KGL), Brigadier  Georg Von Bock
1st and 2nd Dragoons Regiment KGL
1 x Leader Status III                          9 p
2 x  Leader Status II                         12 p
4 x KGL Dragoons Groups                28 p

2nd Light Cavalry Brigade, Brigadier George Anson
11th and 16th Light Dragoons
1 x Leader Status I                               6 p
1 x Grup British Light Dragoons            6 p

Total British Army: 61 points

1st Infantry DivisionGgeneral. Maximilien Foy
2nd  Brigade, 6th  Light and 76th line
French Regulars to 1812 Force                  54 points

2nd Light Cavalry Brigade, General Jean-Baptiste Curto

3rd  Hussars and 26th Chasseurs

1 x Leader Status II                                     3 p
1 x Hussars Group                                      6 p

Total French Army:  63 points




  1. Not heard of this battle, but it sounds like a crackin' game.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
    This and your campaign that you and your club members have done for the Summer Special will be put to good use.