Sunday 26 March 2017

Up Country - Testing Vietnam Chain Of Command Variant (take 1)

Don't panic, despite a long period without posts I'm still here...

As announced early this month, I recruited some of my gaming pals to test the Vietnam War variant for Chain of Command

NVA captures US jump-off

Desperate charging, desperate measure


  1. Great looking that a towel?

  2. No it's a Warmat from Barrage Miniatures

  3. Superb work Anibal. Just with the Local Knowledge rule I will need to clarify it better. The option is to either deploy a single unit 6 inches further from a JOP or move a JOP up to 18 inches etc. If you chose moving the JOP then this is done at the end of placing all JOPs but before either player rolls their command dice. Also, having mainly played using the Cold War playtest rules and seeing your close combat result I think I would change the close combat results to 5 counting as shock only and only a 6 as a kill counting 2 shock. This should produce a better result. PM me on as I might have some further stuff for you. Cheers.

  4. Looks great, planning on giving it a try at my club on the 1st