Thursday, 28 December 2017

TFL Christmas Special

A quick post. Just before Christmas day the traditional TFL  Special issue was released, containing over 130 pages of scenarios and ideas for many of the house's rule sets. This year it also includes a scenario I wrote for General d'Armee called "Encounter at Guareña River".

This a small battle or large skirmish (whatever you may want to call ot) that took place on 18th July 1812, two days before the major engagement at Salamanca, between a British-Portuguese and a French force.

It's been extensively tested at the club and was even some time ago adapted to be played as a Sharp Practice scenario (you can see a review in my blog here)


  1. I enjoyed reading the article you wrote, even though I'm not a Sharp Practice player. If I could face painting Napoleonic figures, I'd give it a go!

  2. I liked your scenario. It has almost temped me to try out the rules. I may look into your Sharp Practice variant.