Wednesday 15 March 2023

Painting Challenge Report #12

All good things must end, and the Painting Challenge too. The last three months went away incredibly fast, an coinciding with the start of Spring the Challenge concludes. My latest Tuesday submission is a second German motorbike with sidecar (an Eskice brand 3d printed model) and a few German Fallschirmjager from Warlord in the early war jump suit.


The veteran wargamers looking at the photos may have realised a terrible and unforgivable historical mistake in one of the German paratroopers models: one is carrying a MG42 LMG model!!!  These only went into service from mid to late 1943, unlikely any jumped into France or Crete 

 The Warlord plastic German paratroopers box mixes both early and late war models. When I assembled the models, I classified in two different trays,  but it seems that I mistakenly put this mini in the wrong tray, only realizing only when finished painting and basing the model. 

 My score after this submission is 689 points, or just an inch away from the 700 points target set for this year's Challenge. Luckily, this weekend will have a  "free fire" slot, in which challengers shall be allowed to post at any time until Sunday at midnight in Canada. Already working on some late minute contrbutions to be posted over the weekend.    

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  1. Your motorbike is very cool. Congratulations on your Painting Challenge effort. Coming just shy of your goal looks like a win to me.