Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Painting Challenge Report: The Last Salvo

On midnight Sunday, the 13th edition of the Painting Challenge closed. The two days over the last weekend were declared "free fire zone", in other words, challengers could post freely at any time. Because coinciding with Father's Day in Spain on Sunday, family engagements and celebrations limited my availability to paint.

Nonetheless I could finished painting both, an LMG team for my Early War German Fallschirmjager project and an individual ammo carrier model.

The LMG is 3D printed model sold by Eskice Miniatures and it comes in one block (including the tree trunk). Eskice designs are somewhat irregular, and as commented in previous posts, the German paratroopers are probably among the lowest quality in the range: uniforms are not 100% historical  (the jumping boots for example, they look more American than German), the gear pieces are inaccurate (they never jumped with the gas mask canisters or the trench tools) or created out of the designer's imagination.

In any case, I like this specific piece due to the poses and sense of action, and that's why I decided to print and paint.

At the conclusion of the Challenge, my accumulated points scoring reached 709 points, which exceeds by 9 points my 700 points goal. Very happy with the output this year, I think it's the first time in eight editions that I have hit the target.

It's been a great edition this year, lots of high quality submissions and I encourage my readers to take a look to the Challenge's blog and get some inspiration for your own painting projects. I hope to participate again next December, but I'm planning now to take a more or less long break from the brushes, and focus my hobby time in playing both boardgames  and miniature games.



  1. Great way to end the contest. Terrific brushwork. Which board games are among your Wish List to get to the table?

  2. I'm currently playing SPQR and looking to expand into other titles of the GBOH series (Caesar, Cataphract), see a previous post I wrote on SPQR. The Battalion Command Series (BCS) from MMP is also ranking high among my priorities together with the War of The Ring. As for miniature games, Chain of Command and Saga mainly; looking also to take a look to Strength and Honour (just bought the pdf version)

    1. I have several of the BCS titles but have never tried one. I look forward to seeing your impressions of the series.

  3. I played Arracourt in a full-day Club event last Saturday. During COVID I also played a couple of scenarios of the Tunisia box and a few turns of Brazen Chariots. The V2 rules are a significantly improved version and are much better organised to learn the game. Very positive impressions overall