Friday, 29 March 2013

An Infantry Platoon Leader in Patton's Army

Still recovering my computer files from an OS crash*, I found this fogotten link among my old bookmarks, a series of short real war stories by a US infantry 1st Lt Bryan Bell, platoon commander in G Company, 313th Infantry, 79th Division in WWII. As he tells "my 136 days as a 1st Lt. Platoon Leader were the longest any officer lasted..." makes it even more interersting and not to miss the photos section, all taken by him.

Now that Chain of Command, the future skirmish IIWW rules by the TooFatLardies, testing is gaining momentum, there's some scenario inspirational materials here as well.
(*) A very timely post here by fellow blogger and Lardie fan Mike Whitaker encouraging everyone to invest some time in backing up your computer files and BLOGS. Fortunately, I had an external hard disk drive and make monthly updates of my files; this has saved me a lot of anger and tears after the OS crash episode.