Monday, 18 March 2013

More X-Wing Fun: 200 points battle

Father's Day long weekned in Madrid, Alex and me organized an X-Wing bash at the club, fighting a 200 battle with another father & son pair (Darío and Alvaro). It was also a good opportunity to put our new Slave model on the table for the first time.

After some discussion both sons aligned together and chgose the Imperial side against the Rebel (?) fathers (the world upside used to be the other way round, at least in the 70s...), although they were reinforced with a new (significantly older) recruit arriving late to the club.

Imperial Headquarters in Thinking Mode
The Dark side deployed 2 Slaves, half a dozen Tie fighters, a couple of Advanced Ties and Darth Vader. The Rebel side organised two squadrons, the first with two X-Wings and one Y-Wing; the second with a similar configuration plus one of the new A Interceptors.

Darth Vader under Harassment!!

More than 3 hours of fun playing on a big table. At the end of the game, the 2 Slaves controlled the battlefiled thanls to their great firepower and strong armour, despite most of the Imperial fighters being shot down, but after wearing down the Rebel ships.

Imperial Squadron

Rebel Forces


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  1. Very beautiful ship the Slave 1. And dangerous!
    The new ships add to the game more options, complexity and fun.
    It´s a nice way to spend the Father´s Day.