Saturday 8 February 2014

A Gift from the Far Nordic Lands

Nordic blogger and fellow Lardista The Miniatures Man,  celebrated its 50k visitors with a nice giveaway early in January, and I was rewarded with one of the prizes: a box of Caesar's WW II German Panzer Grenadiers. A very useful reinforcement for my late-war German Army collection from one of my favouritea manufacturarers in this scale. Now I only need to start painting...

Many thanks for this, Joakim. And incidentally, remember that my own blog celebration is still running, and you have the opportunity to win one of many TooFatLardies publications offered as prize.


  1. Hurrah! One of the pleasures of our hobby is the traffic of parcels going back and forth between bloggers!

  2. Haven't heard from two of the winners, so two more will get the chance. I have rolled the dice, but haven't had time with the blogpost.
    Michael - I advice you to check that post :-)
    Joakim aka The Miniatures Man