Monday, 24 February 2014

Deutsche Afrika Korps List for Chain of Command

On the heels of the British Army list, TooFatLardies has just released the German Afrika Korps list, also for the initial phase of the North African campaign (1941). Information and lists available at the official blog Lard Island.

Note that the base force in the infantry platoon in the Panzer Divisions, comprising three squads with 2 LMGs each, so a tough nut to crack on the table. Also note that according to General Toppe, motorbikes as well as Pz I & IIs were largely replaced by Kubels and the Mark III model respectively after the summer of 1941. On another note, the famous tropical helmet saw little life, quickly discarded by the troops and replaced by the cap (or the steel helmet in combat). 

The TFL Yahoo Group will concentrate this week in discussing the lists for the Barbarossa campaign, so expect some new list releases as early as next week.

Summarising, in addition to the lists published in the Chain of Command book and CoC España materials, we have now the following armies available from TooFatLardies:

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