Friday, 21 February 2014

Early War British 8th Army for Chain of Command

After a long spell, Toofatlardies has just released a new army list for Chain of Command, time now for the Early War British Army in the North African desert. Information and lists available at the official blog Lard Island.

Following a discussion this past week in the TFL Yahoo Group we expect the DAK lists to follow very-very soon. Perfect timing also for the launch of our Afrika CoC Project (slightly delayed due to personal issues with some of the project participants).

Summarising, in addition to the lists published in the Chain of Command book and CoC España materials, we have now the following armies available from TooFatLardies:



  1. Several things about that photo that interest me.
    1) It's not often you see early war British troops wearing helmet covers. I am guessing this was part of a Western Desert issue, maybe for camp purposes? It also appears that both men have a diamond inked on their helmet covers, possibly a brigade marking?
    2) Note the row of grenades the one fellow has laid out on the sand bags in front of him. With that piece of wood behind them, it doesn't look like he'd have sufficient room to pull his arm back before throwing, unless he was standing right up. Also, if he's the No 2 on the Bren, shouldn't he be more worried about having Bren mags ready to go?
    Great summary of the available TFL lists, by the way. A great example of the value of this site, even if I didn't win anything here (sniff).

    1. Interesting remarks
      This photo was chosen by Richard Clarke, we can ask him about the source