Friday, 25 September 2015

Italian Theatre Lists for Chain of Command

Worth taking a look to this post in Tiny Hordes blog. He's made in collaboration with a Spanish wargamer (not me!) an exhaustive research to put army lists for all nationalities involved in the Italian campaign 43-45: US, British, Commomwealth, Germand and Italian.

In my view, a must-read... and with my German Paratroopers project about to start, I see Monte Cassino looming in the horizon. :-)


  1. awesome. Having family who fought in the Italian front it's one ive always wanted to game.

  2. Yes, those lists have got me all interested in the same theatre. British paras for me

  3. A useful resource and thanks for noting it, Benito. I did note with a little regret that there was a British and a New Zealand list, but not a Canadian one, though the differences between Brit and Canadian TO&E is probably very very small.

  4. Thanks for the link...very handy!