Sunday, 7 April 2019

Chain of Command Martlet Campaign - Introduction

I can’t believe it’s been now two years since we played our latest Chain of Command game. Despite having used the rules intensively since the release (and even before, as we were part of the testing group), for different reasons my gaming group oriented their games towards other periods and rules, falling almost into oblivion… until this weekend.

One of my club members and I were having a coffee a few weeks back on a Sunday and I casually mentioned Chain of Command. Very quickly we both close a date and today we have started a (hopefully) new cycle of games.

As we prefer campaigns to casual games, we agree to play the Martlet pint-sized campaign, likely to be followed by the Scottish Corridor supplement in due time. Martlet is a pre-Epson Normandy June 44 operation. The goal was to capture the Raury Spur by the 49th West Riding Division to protect the flank of the 51st Scottish Division during Epsom.
Source: Too Fat Lardies - Martlet Campaing Book

This is a 6-rung campaign in which the British fight not only against the Germans but also the time, to complete the breakthrough in 1 day before the opening of Epsom.
Source: Too Fat Lardies - Martlet Campaing Book
Thrilled to resume my love affaire with Chain of Command, I’ll keep an updated diary of the campaign over the next weeks. I’ll be leading a panzergrenadier platoon of the 12th SS HJ although on the table I’ll be featuring my German Fallschirmjager models instead (I don’t own any SS models and is very unlikely that I’ve ever will paint  some).

More news coming soon.


  1. Looking forward to this. I'm thinking of doing chain of command in 15mm, so it will be interesting to see how your pint sized campaign plays out.

  2. Good stuff - Looking forward to seeing what happens in the campaign.

    I've just bought "29 Let's go!" as my first CoC campaign.

  3. Great to see you gaming some CoC again! Will follow your campaign closely.

  4. Looking forward to this, you always have great CoC write ups! Helped inspire me to do Espana even!