Saturday, 27 April 2019

British Sherman for Chain of Command

I’m having quite an enjoyable wargaming weekend. Started yesterday (Friday) playing the inaugural game of Sickle Cut (GMT’s strategic France 40 wargame designed by the my most revered Simonitch).

And today Saturday I had the opportunity to conclude my latest model, a British-crewed Sherman useful either for either Chain of Command or What a Tanker. This is part of the tail of models that I could not finish before the Painting Challenged ended a month ago.
This is the Rubicon plastic model. The box comes with four possible variants and I chose the Sherman Mk III widely seen in British service.

The markings are those of the 11th Division (as my Firefly and Cromwell models), the second armoured regiment (52), A squadron (yellow triangle).

The model was painted with airbrush: olive green basecoat of the Vallejo primer range, panelled with black and then applied two diluted lights of olive green + sand yellow. For the first time I also used Mig’s streaking product range in addition to the washes. After matt varnishing, I used dried pigments for the final weathering.

This is not however the end of the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll have a Commands and Colors Napoleonics game in La Grande Battle format. So all in all, a most relaxed and fun weekend for me


  1. Wow!

    I have to get me one of them new fangled airbrush thingies!

    1. You should... less fearsome that one could initially expect

  2. Simply wonderful job on the Sherman!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Very flattered comment, specially coming from the maestro himself

  4. Love the painting and weathering - I have 2 Shermans to do for CoC, so this is a useful guide.

  5. Wow, that a terrific looking Sherman. Brilliant work Benito.

  6. I picked up a Sherman at Carronade, to go with my Perry plastic US infantry, and this is a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely brushwork on that piece

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