Monday, 27 May 2019

Churchill Tank for Chain of Command

The latest addition to the armoury is this British Churchill heavy tank.

This is a Warlord plastic model sold jointly with Italeri. The level of detail is good enough (although not at the same level of the Rubicon models) and the box comes with half a dozen potential variants (including the AVRE “bunker buster” with the petard mortar gun).

I decided to build the mainstream Mk IV with the 75mm gun. The markings are those of the Grenadier Guards in Normandy 1944.

Painted using airbrush (as explained in detail the previous post about the British-crewed Sherman) and pigments for the weathering work.

I have built a nice British armoury over the past months, featuring a Cronwell, a Firefly, a Sherman and now the Churchill. My plan is to buy now an additional model to build the AVRE version and eventually finish this British AFV series with a  Stuart.


  1. Very nice paint work on a lovely model
    cheers John

  2. Thats a lovely looking model AI.

  3. Looks absolutely top notch! If I‘m not entirely mistaken the Warlord plastic Churchill misses some minor details for the AVRE. But I‘m no expert on British tanks so might be mistaken.

  4. Looking good. The kit is actually not a bad one, and I now have two turrets so I can do the Petard armed version with a quick turret swap.