Thursday, 8 December 2022

Back to Blogging and Thoughts About Social Media


Arguably blogging activity has been in general decay for more than 5 years now, replaced by other social media tools enabling quick /rapid consumption and massive attention/reactions from the community. This has been my case too: I started in Twitter in 2013 initially as a way to promote my blog, but I increasingly turned my attention and effort there, and finally abandoned blogging entirely.

However, the recent Musk-related turmoil in Twitter had made me rethink my presence (or not!) in social media and whether it made some sense to come back to blogging. As many other people I'm utterly fed up of the contaminated atmosphere of Twitter and what real value brings reading lots of short 250 characters snipets throught the day. I have tried Mastodon but don't see any advantage to Twitter and have never being attracted by Facebook.

Blogging is totally the opposite to Twitter et alt. Here you need to put your mind and concentration in what you want to convey to readers. Each post is much more ellaborated and thought. Blogging can be easily isolated from politics, and while the target audience is significantly narrower, trolls can be kept at bay while achieving engagement from truly interested readers. In summary a muche superior overall experience for me and for the interested reader (I hope).

My plan therefore is to resurect this blog afteer to neglecting years. I won't committ (at least for now) to a specific publication schedule, let's keep expectations right. Topics will not be too different of those in past: wargaming, military history and related items.

I remain a devoted fan of Toofatlardies, that's not changing and expect to see lots of related posts. But my wargaming interests have evolved over the past two years and now I devote much time to boardgaming too. In truth this is going back to my gaming origins in 1980, when Panzerblitz (my baptism of firre) literally throwed me into this hobby. I'm also now involved in Saga the ancient/dark age period rules,  participating in a campaign with other 6 members of my local club.

In the very short term  expect to see posts from the Saga campaign and also from my participation in Curt Campbell's Annual Painting Challenge in its 13th edition this winter (you can see my mobile painting office in the photo heading this post).

As usual, feel freee to leave comments. Will get in contact again soon .



  1. Welcome back. I looking forward to reading about your games again

  2. Social media is the pits, I have never got involved with it.

  3. I used to read your blog and was happy to see you post again. I totally agree with you about social media. Half of the posts that show up on my feed are from people i don't know and about things i don't care about. Welcome back, looking forward to reading about your campaign.

  4. Welcome back. I'm happy to see you return. I think blogging is a much better format for sharing our hobby, especially the way you do it. A well thought out post with a lot of eye candy is a treat at the end of a long day. I still hit my blog roll every single night as I wind down.

  5. I've always liked blogging. Kept at it through the pandemic. Twitter et al are nice for quick WIP posts at the end of a painting session, but I still like a blog post when I finish a unit or have a game.
    Even just as a record of what I've done the past year!

  6. Anibal encantado de volver a verte por estos lares!! Welcome back, I was missing a lot your reviews and games reports.

  7. A blog and TFL what's not to like. Blogs are a key source of my wargame inspiration - I don't use the other social media possibilities you mention. I wish you well with this revived project.

  8. Its been very clear that people who blog are of a certain age, ie old. I dont mind being identified as such because frankly I find social media to be a blight on humankind. So welcome back and blog away.

  9. Good to have you back.

  10. Good to see you back, I've also cut back on my blogging a fair bit over recent years, but I have kept posting those longer, discussion, scenario or tutorial posts that just don't work in any other social media environment. Maybe this is the start of a blogging Renaissance ­čśü

    Regards Ken
    The Yarkshire Gamer

  11. Benito, I fully understand your reasons and certainly agree that blogging is a much more controllable environment. The difference is that I really enjoy Twitter—it’s a bit like really crowded pub and I’ve had far more pleasant surprises there than unpleasant ones. Facebook is the place that I feel is a bit “meh” as it’s neither one thing nor the other. So good luck, and I’ll be following what you do with interest, and I know we’ll continue to bump into each other elsewhere, including Patreon of course!