Wednesday 21 December 2022

Saga Campaign in the Age of Invasions

We have started a new Saga campaign at Club Dragon using the mechanics described in the Age of Wolf supplement (a full self standing campaign book set in the Vikings period)  and the lists of the Age of Invasion book. We have enrolled six players using Picts, Late Romans, Saxons, Huns, Goths and Sassanids armies. 

Roman cataphracts guard unit

The campaign rules are easy to learn an fun to play.

The first step is deciding a motivation for your leader: do you want to be a land or a gold hoarder? Or you want to become a legend because of your heroic deeds?. Then create a Saga 4-points warband, acquire some distinctive features for your leader by rolling in a table... and finally go invading or raiding your neihghbours fiefdoms.

A campaign usually lasts 8 seasons (or turns) and the player with a higher victory point scoring at the end of the eighth season wins. When a season concludeds, you recover part of your losses in battles and can recruit new forces. A  table of special events (plagues, revolts...)  must be also rolled, potentially affecting your next season plans. 

As you can see, the campaign system is fully aligned with the Saga complex-free design policy, easy, fun and fast.

In this campiagn I'm using the Late Roman Army lists. My initial warband includes of course a leader, a unit of cataphracts (guards), two units of warriors on foot (regular infantry) armed with bows and hand weapons respectively, and a unit of levies armed with javelins.

Roman in line formation awating the beasty Huns

The Late Romans are basically oriented to defend rather than to attack, based on their table of characteristics; but they are not easy to play with. I have already played two seasons, defending against the Picts in Britain and against the Huns in the Danube or Rhin borders...  and have lost both games.

The Hun archers harassing  Roman cataphracts

So far lucky with the special events rolls, that facilitated recovering many of the losses inflicted in my units. But scoring zero victory points after two turns is not looking good at all. 

Next game would probably take place after New Year, as the main festivities are on the weekends this Christmas. I'll keep you posted about the progress but it looks like I'm going to face an "Edward Gibbonian" sort of campaign end this time.   

The Hun horde ready to attack



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