Thursday, 16 October 2014

29, Let's Go! New Campaign Supplement for Chain of Command

TooFatLardies has released the first of its (hopefully) many campaign books for Chain of Command in new series called "Pint-size Campaigns" (the "pint" being the cost of a standard beer drink in a British pub, which is the actual price charged for the book: GBP 3.50)

29 Let's go! was the motto of the 29th US Infantry Division, who fought all its way from Omaha Beach (yes, the guys at Saving Private Ryan) to deep into the Third Reich.

And for this princely sum you get in a typical TFL fashion a pdf document with 32 pages, of which around 1/3rd being a description of the forces and the background history of the first days in Normandy, following the trail of the US 175th Infantry Regiment and its foe at the other side of the hill, the German 352nd Infantry Division. Ony for the amount of historical research put on the book it would be worth buying.

The campaign setup are the actions of the US 175 from D-Day to D-ay+3 to link the Omaha with the other American beachhead at Utah that involved the attack on the key bridge at Isigny

After the historical section, the rest is material for the campaign, to be played in principle using the At the Sharp End CoC supplement but that can be easily adapted to any other favourite skirmish set of rules.

In conclusion, a very welcome release from TooFatLardies and hopefully this will be just the appetizer of a long series of publications for any WWII wargamer fan.


  1. Ooooh! Very interesting indeed.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I´m reading my copy with great interest, and thinking about those wonderful AB figures...

    Great idea!