Sunday, 19 October 2014

¡Viva la República! - Heavy Weapons reinforcements

I spent Saturday morning finishing some  heavy weapons additions to reinforce my Repuiblican forces. Very handy considering the hard times coming defending Madrd form the fascist agression in our Spanish Civil War campaign.

I painted a Maxim HMG with a crew of 3...

... A Hotchkiss MMG with 2 crew...

... and a heavy 81mm mortar.

The latter are unlikely to see a lot use on the table (heavy mortars are considered off-board assets in Chain of Command) ... but who could resist buying such a beauty!!

All models are from the Empress Miniatures SCW series


  1. Lovely work and I'd leave the 81mm mortar on the edge of the table just to help remember that you have it.

  2. Dammed .... Sure we will have to face then to reach Ciudad Universitaria ...

  3. Excellent painting! That mortar is a real beauty.