Friday, 9 January 2015

Chain of Command Army Lists News

Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies announced today in the TFL Yahoo group that a full revision of the current army lists for Chain of Command will be undertaken over the next days and that an effort to cover the remaining war periods and theaters (Eastern Front 42-43???) will follow. Excellent news for CoC aficionados, in line with the interview at the Christmas Special stating that CoC materials will be a main focus of attention in 2015.

Those suscribed to the Yahoo group can contribute to this effort, as the new draft lists are being uoploaded in the Files Section. As I write this post, the Poland an Germany  1939 revisions have been released for comments from any interested Group member.


  1. Great news roll on the late war German lists.....

  2. Great initiative. I´m awaiting their Pacific Campaign lists with a lot of interest.

  3. People who ca't access the Yahoo Group can download the draft lists using links found at