Saturday, 31 January 2015

New Chain of Command Campaign Supplement: Kampfgruppe von Luck

On the trail of 29 Let's Go! TooFatLardies has released the second of its pint-size campaign supplement: Kampfgruppe von Luck, dealing with the counterattack of the 21st Panzer Division on the British paras defending the bridges on the Orne river.

The book follows the campaign structure and narrative presented in At The Sharp End, and as usual with the TFL publication it includes lots of bakground and historical information, together of course with all that needed to play the campaign straight forward (mpas, OB lists, special instructions, etc). I´ll need to re-read the excellent von Luck memoirs book again!!

And at the cost of a pint of beer in the UK (3.6 pounds), it is a killing!

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  1. Awesome supplement! Thanks!

    Please, more supplements about Normandy 1944 =)))))
    We really need Caen Campagin