Friday, 16 January 2015

New North Africa Desert Campaign for Chain of Command

After a couple of casual games in North Africa in the last weeks, my gaming group and I have decided to embark ourselves in a new short campaign for Chain of Command. Campaigns are truly more fun to play than individual encounters, as decisions taken today on how to use your force and spend your precious assets) can have a dramatic impact in the following games.

I took the lead and have arranged the campaign, acting as umpire or taking an active seat if any of the players fails to attend one game (I will only take tactical decisions, but will not intervene in the selection of supports or the general strategic decisions).

The context will be the rearguard actions of the Axis forces in the winter of ´41, with the British taking the initiative. With six players signed, we'll play a
Big Chain of Command campaign, each force comprising 2 infantry platoons and 1 tank troop.... with a tweak that I cannot disclose now (but I promise to release the full details once we finish).

This will be a 3 rungs campaign as described in At the Sharp End with a maximum of 6 games allowed, covering an attack on the main defence line of the Axis (scenario type "Attack Defend"), a pursuit (a scenario type “Delaying Action") and the objective ("Attack on an Objective" scenario).

The first game will take place on Sunday* so stay tuned next week to read the first battle report here.

*The Spanish weather office  has activated a cold weather alert today and ofr the rest of the weekend... just a thought came to me this afternoon: wouldn't it be ironic if we have to cancel the desert game because of a snow storm?


  1. I am looking forward to your campaign.

  2. If weather does hold you up you could say a sandstorm delayed the offensive in your campaign write up.

  3. Looking forward to this campaign. Somewhere I do have pictures of snow in the Western Desert in WWII, so it's not unheard off...

  4. Very cool! I would love to try your campaign! We have been playing North Africa as well. Would be very grateful ifmyoumwould be willing to share the campaign.

    1. I will, but not before it is finished! I see Allies and Axis eyes around looking for the secrets hidden in the campaign :-)

  5. Sounds promising, I look forward to the game reports.

  6. Very interested in your campaign; I will look forward to the AAR´s.