Monday, 18 April 2011

On to Stalingrad - or help me, please, with street fighting

The winter (and Salute for the British) are over, and now we need to plan the summer gaming season. The "Lard" section of our club is looking to organise a major Stalingrad game, extending over several afternoons in July, to be played with Troops, Weapons and Tactics.

OOBs and maps are a work in progress right now, but we have never played before a street-fighting game. And, well guys,  here is where we will need your support: can you share with us ideas, special rules or experiences you may have had with similar games in the past?  Not need to be with TWT, but with any other favourite skirmish rules set. All contributions to make this project a success will be highly appreciated.

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  1. I haven't played any particular Stalingrad games, but here's some thoughts.

    1) Build upwards. You don't need a big table, because the buildings will swallow lots of troops. But you need height to make it look like a town.

    2) Make a small table and treat it as a small section of the city, where YOUR platoon is fighting, then imagine there are similar fights on the sides going on simultaneously.

    3) Lots and lots of rubble. Streets won't be clean.

    4) Section up the buildings. You don't need individual rooms, but treat a large building as several buildings stuck together, you need to clear each one separately. There are accounts from Stalinggrad where forces were intermingled in one building; germans on one floor, soviet on the one above, germans on top of that, and so on.

    5) Abstract sewer movement, with random die rolls, cards or something.