Saturday, 9 April 2011

Playing Napoleonics

Another digression from the main theme of this blog (games with TFL rules) but I hope you will like it. A small "detachment" of fellow Lardie players have initiated a quest to find a suitable Napoleonic rules set. We have tested and discarded so far Le Feu Sacree and Volley & Bayonet, and currently we're playing Lasalle (next in the queue is General de Brigade).
I was invited today to play with 28mm (my first time in this period, until now we have been playing  20mm) and I though it was going to be a small game... but no, my buddies have been buying and painting an impressive amount of figures. Fortunately I took my camera with me otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to share with you their excellent work.

This is really inspiring and while I was returning home, I have decided to join the effort, despite the fact that I find very scary to paint these big figures, specially to the level of excellence showed by my friends.

Incidentally, today the Too Fat Lardies have published a very promising 123 page booklet called A la Baionette with scenarios for the Napoleonic period, that I have just ordered. I haven't had the time yet to go through it but looks really good.

Hope you'll  enjoy the photos


  1. Those are really lovely figure, great paintjobs, we use General De Brigade I believe when we play napoleonics.

  2. Curious to the results of your quest. As another lardie player I also on the lookout for rules for larger battles. Impressive pictures, really nice.