Sunday 3 April 2011

VC reinforcements

Recently I have received three packs of Vietcong figures from a not-well known company called Force of Arms. It was a risky move, as the website is still under construction, you have to order directly through an email (although they have a Paypal service) and there were no photos (just a pdf catalogue). But I liked the quality of the tanks and armoured vehicles in the home page of their web, and finally decided to make a small "test" order.
I ordered references JNC09 (Platoon and Squad Leaders), JNC 10 (Bo-Doi advancing) and JNC 14 (Cadre and local scouts).  The cost is 6GBP per pack of six, more economic than some of the cometitors (The Assault Group for example is 5.95 GBP per pack of four).

The owner, John Bruce kept me duly informed of the status of my order and the delivery was really quick. The pack (a small sturdy cardboard box) hit my mail a few days ago and now you can see the minis just out of the blisters.

The level of sculpting and detail is generally quite good and the flash is minnmum The proprotions are good as well athough they are slightly smaller and thinner than the other range that I'm collecting from The Assault Group. But I think that will not be noticed on the table.

I have made a couple of pictures comparing models from both manufacturers. In the following pic, the TAG minis are the two on the extremes.

In this pic, the TAG figures are the first and third.

In conclusion, nice range of figures, good and fast service from John Bruce. After this exprience, when I start collecting my US forces Vietnam. I will probably make the main part of my units with Force of Arms.

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  1. Very good minis. Better poses that TAG .
    Thanks for the experiment ...