Sunday, 3 April 2011

What does your bookshelf tell about you?

This is a disgression from the main theme of my blog (my wargame life). I was comfortably sitting in my room, listening some nice R&B music and reading a very amusing book about the experience of a Spanish dancers couple in the Russian Revolution, when my eyes suddenly stopped in the book-shelf across the room.

What does your book-shelf tell about you? In Spain we have an expression: "an image is worth more than a thousand words" and these two shelves tells a lot about me, my work and my hobbies.

And if I add now the third row below, the picture is almost complete.



  1. :-D My booksshelf(s)One has over 250 books about has about 50 about Ancient Rome and medievals, the other about another 150 plus, science fiction, fairy stories, plays, language dictionaries and politics...good mix eh? :-D

  2. You guys only have one bookcase? Ours are divided by category!

  3. 6 bookcases storing boxes of figures, books, magazines and DVDs.

  4. Mine tells me I need to get another bookshelf... It's got books stacked on top and in front of the books "on the shelf". A look at the contents reveals a lot of WWII, a lot of aviation books, some dark ages and Irish history, and a smattering of other stuff.

    Figures, terrain and such get a while set of other shelves tucked away in the basement