Thursday 1 September 2011

Back to the front

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Not that I was on holidays... actually a recent change of job (a real miracle considering the current economic woes)  meant that I didi not have a summer break thus year. But the family moved outside Madrid to a house in the mountains nearby and I've been commuting all summer. Unfortuantely the house did not have Internet connection and I could neither take  proper care of my blog, nor I had easy access to my favourite bloggers   (the iPhone is terrific in many dimensions, but not very coinfortable to read blogs or enjoy the photos in them).

But this is not to mean that I have been completely inactive; I have enjoyed some good painting weekends and made a reasonable progress in my reading pile... and I also had the opportunity to watch Captain America and Super 8 in the cinema!

OK, so how I invested my hopbby time? On the painting front, I managed to do a fair progress with my Napoleonic 28mm Perry's and now I have four infantry battalions (Lasalle-sized) ready for action (three line and one legere) and have acquired some cavalry (Dragoons) and artillery to reinforce my gronards. I was tempted to buy a Victrix Imperial Guards box but in the last minute I contained myself and left it for when I finish the cavalry. I have also put some additional 28mm Vietcong figures in play for my never fulfilled poject of playing Charlie Don't Surf this year (let's be optimistic, I still have the autumn...). Photos will follow soon.

Inspired by the black-belt  & Dan-10 level Terrain Master Mr. Sidney Roundwood I put myself to work in some small terrain features for my WW I games... to no avail really. The results did not achieve even a 25% of Master Roundwood's levels... a shame, but I'm putting my aspirtations in the fridge for a time in this front.

I had also the opportunity to play a second game of our Stalingrad Campaign and as promised in the previous post, I will put a detailed and well illustrated report soon. Things are not looking good for the Russians, but you'll see.

Finally on the reading front, I finished  Six Weeks which I really enjoyed much, not only for the description of a WWI life officer career but also because the insights provided about the  sociology (and psicology) of the British society. Quite interesting reading for a non-Anglo Saxon person, as some of the features described are still well alive and enable me to better understand and manage my personal realtions with my British friends and profesional contacts. After reading Six Weeks I decided to buy Richard Holme's  Tommy (...pure impulse shopping, after I saw it at Heathrow airport yesterday night, returning from a short 1-day business trip).

Well, as you see a very active August and now back to the front: family back in Madrid, kids starting school on Monday and.... bosses back from holidays too :-(

I'll be writing some detailed posts over the next days... and last but not least, to my favourite bloggers, sorry for not been very active leaving comments in your blogs... need now to catch up with some quite interesting articles that you have been publishing over the past few weeks. 


  1. Welcome back Benito! You have been much missed. Love the photo, BTW! I'm looking forward to seeing how the Stalingrad campiagn is going.

  2. Benito no te hagas de rogar y redacta ya el parte de batalla, o es que escuecen las heridas todavía , je je je
    cdosc (Alberto)