Monday, 26 September 2011

Stalingrad Part IV: Desperate Measures

On Sunday (myself absent, for family reasons) the fourth game of our Stalingrad campaign was played. As a remainder, the last game ended with the end of the night shift, where the Germans at a high cost in blood made some gains in the central row of buildings, to be used as the springboard for the final assault on the factory. If you want to read the detailed account of the campaign click for the first, second and third parts, as well as this extra post with "photoshoped" photos and other contemporary recorded materials.

I have received a wire from an observation plane (our umpire) with the following text (thoroughly edited... remember I play with the Red Army!):

"The fascist invaders tried to regain momentum, after the good results achieved in the first day and night combat turns. As the first rays of the autumn sun set on the beleaguered city, a renewed  attack is launched on the central spine of the Red Army defensive line, the row of buildings facing the factory...but unknown to them, these have been strongly reinforced with fresh troops under the cover of the night.

 The factory under a heavy smoke curtain

The German vanguard squads moved forward but to no avail: a torrent of lead from the heroic Read Army defenders took is heavy toll from the fascist lines and the two survivors fell in the hands of the Soviet victors who dutifuly proceed to shoot them in the spot, to pay for their horrid crimes...

 However, a last minute intervention of  a Commissar took them from the justice-thirsty Red Army sqaud and sent them to the rear for further interrogation (note: the original message stated that they were saved because the Commissar was impressed by the brave behaviour of the Germans... I don't buy it!) 

 A Soviet player plays its hand under the careful wtach of the umpire

Having failed the attack in the center, action now moved to both sides of the line and specially on the right flank of the Red Army. A gruppe made of 2 Stugs and a full infantry platoon initiated the attack to consolidate the area that will be used lately as the springboard for the final assault of the factory.

 But the resistance of the isolated pockets of Read Army soldiers and workers reached a climax...

...and lacking any heavy weapon, the steel grey beasts are attacked with molotov coctels and home made improvised explosive charges.

One Stug suffered serious damage and a fire was declared, although the highly trained crew quickly put it off.
The German progress continues, but the flow of Soviet supplies and refresh troops though the Volga river is starting to be felt by the invader.

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  1. Very impressive and great eye candy, very well done.

  2. Fantastic terrain. I am really impressed with the sepia and black-and-white photos. The second in the Blogpost really does look as if it was taken in 1942. I had to look again at first sight! The destroyed factories, the shell and bullet scorching, the tangle of metal.... the terrain really makes the whole thing come alive. Wonderful.

  3. Thank guys. I agree that the terrain is really good and all the merit to our club mate Jose Carlos who also kindly offered his house and impressive gaming room to support the camping. Special mention also to Alfredo, the camping organiser and excellent umpire

  4. I'm insanely jealous. Impressive stuff.