Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Holidays (war- and other-) games

The first leg of the Christmas holidays is over, food, drinks and gifts... but NOT the gaming activities. On Sunday, I organised with my two kids and some of their friends a Zombie game.

A terrific and compexity-free game (my son is only 12 years old), Zombies  come with two large bags of male and female plastic zombies and  six humans. Each player owns a rifle and has three lives. In each turn, each player displays a street segment from a deck where he may eventually find ammo and additional lives, as well as (of course!) zombies. The game ends when the helicopter field is displayed and one player is safe on board or when one player kills 25 creatures.

The four kids were hooked in the game from the very beginning and quickly developed some basic tactics to survive the zombie horde,  reaching implict alliances to reduce the advantage of the leading player each time, etc. ...I've been stromgly requested to organise another game soon!

But this is not all. On Thursday evening a large gathering at the club of the Lardie section to play a major engagement with the WWI  rules "Through the Mud and the Blood". We will have cavalry, tanks, artillery... and stosstruppen of course!!. I've been painting some new figures for the game:

Stosstruppen from Scarab Minatures (1)

Stosstruppen from Scarab Miniatures (2)
Note: I got a problem with the varnish; it is a matt tone but for whatever reaons the finish is glossy!! I'll mix with more care the content and will re-varnish the figures. Hopefully this second tiome they will be OK.

British 18pdr from Great War Miniatures (1)

British 18pdr from Great War Miniatures (2)

British artillery crew from Great War Miniature

British officers from 1st Corps
All in all a good start of the holidays, let's  hope to maintain this trend over the next two weeks. I'll post a full battle report of the WWI scenario later this week.


  1. Great work. I really like WWI figures.

  2. ¡Qué suerte poder jugar en casa! Mi hijo pequeño tiene 7 años, y es un terremoto. A ver quien se arriesga a poner en sus manos una mini pintada.

  3. Hopeurs you and your and family had a good Christmas. That zombie game is great fun. I really like the Great War figures. I wasn't aware that 1st Corps made figures in thar period.