Sunday, 11 December 2011

Stalingrad Part VII - As the night falls...

I have just received the report from the last game of our Stalinngrad Campaign. The climax of the battle is now approaching with the German units surrounding the fortified  factory and ready to initiate the assault on the last Red Army positions. Only the early fall of the late September night in Southern Russia created a lull in the fierce battle, but unlikely to last for long.

The Germans continued tightening the nook around the Factory. Fresh reserves were thrown into the battle and the last remaining and wore down Red Army units had to fight to the last man to retard the relentless progress of the Nazi war machine.
The Red Army’s defensive line left flank was broken in the previous turn and the German troops began to flow into the gap. But the quick intervention of a highly seasoned street-fighting Russian SMG squad prevented the Germans from putting their first step in the now blooded soil of the Factory sorroundings. But for how long? Additional enemy units kept pouring and the main entry is already shadowed with the field-grey clapped soldiers.

The right flank resisted in much better conditions. The combined  work of the snipers and two MMGs pinned the main German force approaching that flank, and the brave behavior of the only operational T-34 made a definite contribution to stop the dark grey steel beasts.

And suddenly under the astonished German eyes, the workers militia rose from their ashes like the mythical Phoenix creature and behind the sickle and hammer red flag, shouting and almost with their bare hands, launched two final suicidal assaults on the enemy creating havoc among their lines and routing the last nazi remnants from the street…. but at what price in blood!

By then the light of day was fading …  time for a short break, regroup the last remaining men, replenish ammo, take whatever food is at hand and get ready for what increasingly looks like the decisive night combat… expect no quarter, no prisoners… and when tomorrow the light of day will rise in the East , only one of both the swastika or the red flag will fly in the roof of the Factory. 

Additional photos


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  2. El final parece cerca, pero “hasta el rabo todo es toro” y no venderé la piel del oso hasta haberlo cazado.

  3. What a truly great campaign you guys have put on. I am jealous!

  4. Wow that is one great looking terrain

  5. Thank you guys. I have to admit that playing in such a high quality environment increases by several times the pleasure of wargaming. My gaming buddies are a very committed group to any project that we undertake (WWI, Vietnam or WWII more recently)

  6. I still can't believe how great your terrain is. Very jealous.

  7. Absolutely terrific. What a set up you have there. I really love the close-combat, gritty, urban warfare "feel" you have in both the text and the photos. Really splendid stuff - I hav very much enjoyed this campaign series, Benito. Top show!