Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Helping with your New Year's Resolution List

Those following this blog regularly will already know that one of my favourite blogs is "Roundwood's World".  Specially if you´re interested in WWI that is THE blog you need following; but also if you're looking for detailed tutorials on terrain making and (more recently) figure painting. I cannot recommend louder that you become a follower of Sidney's blog.

In a totally different angle, yesterday Sidney published this superb and cheerful piece titled 29 Ways to Stay Creative: A Wargamer's List that has a lot of (good-quality!) food for thougt for that New Year's resolution lists that all of us we usually write by this time of the year. Don't miss the piece, you'll not be indifferent to it... and will cheer you up if yuo're having a bad day. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. It was a nicer list than that one you've posted:D

  2. Angry: LOL I cannot agree more, need to change this picture urgently!!!