Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cuirassiers Feast

A nice little surprise when I arrived home tonight, this book I ordered at Amazon a couple of weeks ago just arrived. I had enough time tonight just to skip through it but I can already tell you that if  you want THE source for painting and collecting French Cuirasssiers this is it.

The 83 pages cover the 14 French Cuirassiers regiments, their history and organisation plus 4-5 lavishly illustrated colour plates per regiment, covering in detail troopers, trumpeters, officers, saddles, etc.   I already own 10 books of the Histoire & Collections series dealing mainly with the guard regiments and the Hussars among others, but this one is really superior to the previous volumes. A perfect Xmas present to suggest your relatives and in-laws ...avoiding the traditional wraped tie or underwear typical of this season :-))


  1. Tengo un par de libros de esa serie, están de PM.

  2. I think Histoire et Collections are superior to Osprey and Joineau's pictures are brilliant.

    I might have to get myself a Christmas present! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Benito el proximo dia te "dejo" los 4 que yo tengo
    llevate un chupete. ;)

  4. Rosbif: I cannot agree more with you; Ospreys suck

    Alberto: tengo todos los napoléonicos, gracias; bueno de hecho tengo ya localizados los dos próximos en Amazon (aún no se han publicado)