Friday, 14 December 2012

My first participation in a crowdfunding project

My first participation in a crowdfunding project has concluded succecesfully today, when the guys of Shenandoah Studio sent me my copy of the Battle of the Bulge game for iPad. I have just downloaded in my tablet, lurked around in the different options of the main menu and my first impressions are really positive.

The team at Shenadoah leveraged on the experience of die-hard wargamers and iPad users to build the first  intended wargmae for the tablet and, pending a more extensive use of the application but it looks terrific so far. One of the  next projects will be El Alamein.


  1. It looks very good, but I need to wait a few more months before I get an Ipad so I can play.

  2. Se ve interesante el juego. Ahora, a disfrutarlo!