Thursday, 27 December 2012

Taking Stock of 2012

Following this post by Dux Homunculorum, and with the year about to close, it is a good momment to assess my performance as wargamer  in 2012 vs the initial plans. True that I wasn't too ambitious in my targets for this year, as my main and only objective was to start playing with IABSM... target accomplished  but I failed miserably in terms of both timing (I started with the rules only in November) and specially with the period  played (I was planning to concentrate my playing time around the Spanish Civil War period, and I finally ended focusing on the early WWII Eastern Front period).

However reviewing my blog, I can only express my satisfaction with my achievements over this period. The five most relevant personal aspects, hobby wise in 2012:

  1. Vietnam engagement: top in the list just by browsing in the blog and all thanks to Charlie Don't Surf, so far (at least for me) the best rules set released by the TooFatLardies factory. In this year I have consolidated a nicely devoted group of players at my club, and significantly expanded my armies (the last batch of reinforcements arrived on Christmas day!). I also built a nice library of Vietnam related reading that you can consult in my Shelfari link (at the blog's left column) or reding in this post
  2. I Ain't Being Shot Mum: a late start but gaining momentum, it has  revived my appetite for WWII and new reinforcements are coming well as forcing me to undertake some nasty rebasing work of my old BK Commander stands :-(
  3. Salute: meeting face to face many bloggers and  Richard Clarke, one of TFL's brains, was really good. Visiting some of the military museums with my club mates and friends... had no price.
  4. Maurice: another major discovery in 2012, for a period (XVIII century) that always attracted me but never found the right moment to play. I'm not planning to do any painting job as many of club mates have beautiful armies already, but I will keep playing in 2013.
  5. Dark Ages: the publication of both "Duxes" this year attracted a lot of my attention and I even invested some money in one British-Romano army; the project has lost steam but it is a clear candidate for a revival in 2013. The book published by TFL, Dux Britanniarum, in particular is a joy to read and the rules hooked me from the very first moment I started reading it,  similarly to what happened when I bought Charlie Don't Surf.
Overall a very good wargaming year and I hope it will continue in 2013. Having said that, still considering my plans for next year, it will be materials for another post before year end.

PS: just after releasing this post I have realized that the visits counter has broken the 100,000 hits recently!!! Another major achievement indeed and many tahnks to those investing some time in reading my posts.


  1. Muy buenos resultados para un año, impresionantes. Y ya sabes, el año que viene, más y mejor!!!!

    1. La verdad es que llevo dos años seguidos increibles con el hobby, en lo que tiene mucho que ver el grupo de wargamers dedicados y entusiastas que hemos consolidado en el club. Que siga la racha, que siga por favor!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that. I'm always fascinated by the way our plans play out over the year, or, as often as not, do not play out. I'm glad your hobby year was a success. I look forward to seeing what you do next year.

  3. It seems a very good wargaming year for you!
    Hope that 2013 will be better!

  4. Hello B:
    I rally enjoyed your blog this year and your accounts of gaming in Madrid. I think you did a great job of keeping focus in 2012, particularly w Vietnam and WW2, and I look forward to hearing what you will do in the new year. All the best for 2013.