Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Happy 50th birthday...

...NOT to me (I joined the 50's club last year) but to fellow blogger and Lardie follower Mike Whitaker.

And why am I bringing this to your attention?
Because he's a jollygod fella and is celebrating by offering a most generous prize draw, consisting in a GBP25 voucher to acquire the incoming II WW skirmish rules Chain of Command. You can read the conditions to participate  in the draw here.... but also because I get bonus points by posting it here :-)

Now seriourly, if you are not a follower of Mike's blog yet, do not hesitate to do it NOW. His blog offers a good combination of warganming tips, AAR's, wargaming philosophy comments and overall a very cheerful approach to life nad it is always a delight to read.

Happy birthday Mike, and I wish you many-many more to come   

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