Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tactical Notes for Chain of Command

TooFatLadies official blog Lard Island published today a very interesting piece on historical formations and tactics in II WW intended to support those playing Chain of Command, although it can be equally  useful for anyone with an interest in skirmish II WW games. The article is illustrated with examples of the different tactical use when playing with a British Motor Rifle Platoon, a US Armoured Rifle Platoon and a Panzer Grenadier Platoon, due to differences in weaponry, manforce and support weapons.

A good remainder also that in the case of TFL wargames sets you can really maximize your playing experience if you bother undertaking some research about the historical conditions of the period simulated. As you know: "Playing the period not the rules"!.

From personal experience, I came only to understand Charlie Don't Surf (Vietnam) or Mud & Blood (I WW) game design in full after getting acquainted with the tactical performance of the units involved in both periods. And so far, from what I know about Chain of Command due to my involvement in the pay testing phase, this is not going to be different.

If you are interested in II WW tactics (and summer time is an excellent period for reading), I strongly suggest taking a look to Stephen Bull's Second World War Infantry Tactics  or some of the field manuals published by the British and the American Armies through the conflict and available for free in Internet (here through Mike Whitaker's blog)


  1. Interesante. A ver si puedo disponer de un rato para echar un vistazo a esos manuales.

  2. Sí ha sido una lectura muy interesante; ya tengo ganas de echar mano al reglamento...

  3. Play the Period not the Rules... oh I wish I had come up with that phrase.