Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Resume Normal Programming

End of the summer hiatus and back to normal (or at least trying to!).

On balance a very relaxing holiday with an unexpected nice 1-day tour to the medieval walled city of Avila, lots of reading (mainly Spanish Civil War related), some interesting gastronomic findings (of which more at a later post) and some good progress in my painting plans:
  • 4 x '42-43 Hanomags, 
  • 1 x 250 command vehicle, 
  • 1 late-war Skfz 234 (all 1/72 scale) for IABSM 
  • And a Vietnamese HMG team in 28mm for Vietnam.
  • All this in addition to some more tracks (curves and crossings) for my road project.

No photos?  Unfortunately not, as I left the camera at the holidays place but plans to pick it up this weekend.

Other wargaming related news: I received my tablet version of Chain of Command on Thursday last week and the full bundle (hardcopy book + resin jump-off points + game tokens) were waiting for me at home yesterday on my arrival.

If the tablet version was excellent, I must say that the hardcopy version broke all my expectations! The edition is wonderful with very high quality paper, excellent photos along the book and a mnost elegant layout. I've already booked a first introductory game in my club for tomorrow afternoon, so expect an AAR over the next days. 

Future projects? More Chain of Command and IABSM playing and painting short term and working my way through some lists to adapt CoC to play the Spanish Civil War. The secondary sources that I've been reading these days and some history books provided very useful information to play scenarios about the first few months of the conflict  known as the "war of the columns". Again, stay tunned for future posts on this issue.


  1. I hope to meet you guys at CRISIS this year! What game will it be there?