Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back home...

All good things must end and holidays too. Tomorrrow first day at work, the children will start school on Tuesday. A very relaxed an uneventful August, but  hobby-wise enough productive, although my ambitious initial targets have not been reached by far.

I did some nice progress painting with my Vietnam US Army and civilians, as posted a couple of weeks ago,  and have also finished 3 Romano British levy units for my Dux Britanniarum army.

I also invested time reading three interesting works on Vietnam, one dealing with the development of heliborne tactics in this conflict (Airmobility in Vietnam) and the remaining two about the Special Forces in the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia: Across the Fence and On the Ground.

In addition I visited the very nice city of Segovia, famous for its impressive Roman acqueduct...

... and its not less famous roasted pork...

... and (big surprise) where I found two very interesting works about the Spanish Civil War in the Madrid-Segovia battlefronts, in a local lovely small bookshop.

Finally I visited one of the Madrid battlefields, in the Guadarrama mountain pass of El León

 But on this, I will come back later this week (hopefully) with a more detailed post.

So I'm now ready for the autumn-winter waragme season at our Club, which ioncidentally have gone through important refurbishing works this summer. I'm really eager  to see the new more open lay-out,  with better lighting and more gaming space. 


  1. What a great holiday, Benito! The roast pork looks - well, frankly, very appetising indeed as I type this just before lunchtime! Great to have you back, and those Dux units look very fine indeed, Sir!

    1. Thanks mate, I need to review your August's posts in more detail, as I've been with limited access to Internet most of the month. I was most impressed with the DB's Picts game AAR, it was superb.

  2. Hello Benito:
    Glad you had a good holiday, I still have a week traveling with my lovely wife before I have to go home and back to work. The on,y time I wish I was going home sooner is when I think about my painting bench
    I am not sure I could have eaten that pig, he would have been too intact for my tastes!

    1. I'm following your blog these days (I had a lot of fun with your vampire killers team CVs) and have also checked the app to blogging in remote, that looks very convenient. Have a great trip you both!