Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dux Britanniarium: Household Guards

Slowly but surely, my Romano British army is progressing. Since the end of the holidays my painting time has diminished dramatically, with only some short spots available over the weekends. Yesterday I spent most of the day at home, recovering from a bad late-summer cold (which left plenty of time for painting, as none in my family dare to get to close to me...) and today I concluded the Household Guard section,  the elite team of the army. Miniatures from Gripping Beast and shiled transfers from LBM.


  A few close ups

Next in queue are the 2 warrior units, a small 4-man skirmish unit and the big men. I have attracted some attention in the club and made up a small group of platyers to start testing Dux Britanniarium but also Bux Bellorum. I have read both sets and they are different species on their own, I don't see much trouble in playing both alternating games.

Incidentally, TooFatLardies has launched a new bundle of rules+cards+miniatures today, take a look to the announcement in the official blog.


  1. Que bonitos. Ánimo, que ya te queda menos. Y cuida esa salud.

    1. Gracias Juan, muy animado con las figuras de Gripping Beast, se pintan fenomenal; y la primera experiencia con las calcas de LBM inmejorable.

  2. Very nice looking figures, the shields look very nice!!

  3. They are good, I rarely agree with Ray but the shields are fecking good!

  4. Thanks guys, but all the merit to the guys of Little Big Men