Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Military History Spanish Publisher

This post is aimed mainly intended for Spanish readers, but it can be of general interest. In the midst of this long economic crisis and with the headwinds affecting the publishing industry, it is really great news that a new publisher takes the challenge to hit the market. I'd really like to welcome Ediciones Platea that will fill a substantial gap in the field of military history literature in Spanish.

Three World War II classics are planned for the initial launching "It Never Snows in September", "Tank Men" and  "Tigers in the Mud". I've read the three of them and personally I liked the first two (Tank Men was outstanding) while I have some second thoughts about the third. Interesting enough, Platea is also launching an eBook series of nicely detailed and annotated maps some of which will prove very useful to the readers of the hardback titles like the one on Operation Market Garden.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you living or visiting Madrid to the presentation of Editorial Platea in the premises of Club Dragón. The presentation will take place next Saturday September 29th at noon and will be a good opportunity meet also wargamers from other regional clubs in our area.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Club Dragón, its members or the owner of this blog have any commercial or financial interest in Ediciones Platea, nor we expect any profit out of this presentation.


  1. Esperemos que la presentación sea un éxito y que contemos con mucha gente. Por lo que conozco de los artífices de la editorial les motiva más el conocimiento que el negocio y apoyar estas iniciativas creo que es necesario en estos momentos.

    1. Me parece un acto heroico en sí montar un negocio, pero encima en el área editorial, casi un suicidio. Apoyo total!

  2. Very cool. I am looking forward to seeing what they will be publishing.

  3. That is good news indeed for Spanish readers. 'It Never Snows in September' is particularly excellent as it provides rare insight to the German perspective of Operation Market Garden.

  4. As I replied to my Spanish collegue CDOSC ( a well known member of my club) I found heroic to start a business in these difficult times, but if in addition you dip your toes in the publishing industry, then this is closed to suicidal move. I really wish these brave guys the best and will have my full support as my economic means will allow it.