Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Battle Chronicler - Useful tool for Bloggers? #UPDATED#

I just saw in Hinoken's blog a free software program specially interesting for bloggers. The name is "Battle Chronicler" and at least on paper looks like a very helpful tool for wargamer bloggers like me. From its website:

"Battle Chronicler aims to make it quick and easy to produce great looking battle reports that other gamers will want to read. Using the latest developments in Windows technology Battle Chronicler delivers fantastic graphics and a ultra modern user interface.
So if you are miniatures wargamer looking to enhance your hobby with some cool software then you have come to the right place."
I have not tested it yet, but definitely worth taking a look. If anyone knows the tool, please kindly leave a comment with your opinion.

I finally downloaded the program today and spent around 1 hour playing around. Main take aways:

  • It's a very comprehensive tool that allow creating nice maps and represents a great support device for blogging AARs
  • However the user interface is not as intuitive and "friendly" as I would like. It takes really some time and effort to preapre the maps etc.
  • Versus my "mainstream" current solution for maps (Microsoft Powerpoint) I see no real advantages; but I reckon that for professional reasons, I'm welll above the average user in terms of mastering this program.
  • Finally, I have also downloaded an iPad application called "Skitch" that looks very promising and with a close to zero level of complexity. It basically allows the user to upload a photo and then, unsing your fingers, you can draw geometrical forms and arrows let you insert comments in boxes. Thanks to Curt for the tip.
In summary, I will unlikely use Battle Chronicle, but I will still be positive in recommending it.


  1. B:
    I have tried Battle Chronicler for my ACW campaign butnI didn't stick with it. I am sure it can be a useful tool ; it certainly looks good as your screenshot here suggests. I just found it difficultntomuse and understand. It seems very W40K oriented. Maybe I should give it a second chance.

  2. I am going to take a look. Thanks for posting it.

    1. So far I like it. I have created two maps rather quickly. I mocked up a Dux Britanarium game and added the unit counters. It has promise.

  3. I've used it quite a lot for initial situation maps for ancients and medievals. It's fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it, and the maps are nice and clear.

  4. I have tried it and found it clunky and not very user friendly. I now use the iPad and an app called Skitch. Photo the battlefield, draw arrows on the picture (with text) - job done. Easier, more accurate...much better!

    1. Good post. I too have used 'Battle' Chronicler a few times and have found that, while very powerful, it is not a very intuitive tool to use. (Then again perhaps its been improved since I've last used it.)

      'Skitch', eh? Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try that out.