Thursday, 18 July 2013

200 Followers Reached!

My blog has reached a new milestone, with the number of followers now at 200. Thanks for joining  and welcome to this space of relaxed wargaming discussion... though  I must admitt to be somewaht frustrated by the short number of comments (on average) left in my posts (come on guys, say something specially that you don't like)!

Let me introduce now briefly our last 5 partners:

  •  InChing74 who owns the 1914-45 blog, whose name I think tells all about its thematic; a lot of very nice painted models and a variety of scales, from 15mm to 28mm
  • James Brewerton,who manages three different blogs: The Wonderful World of Mackie and Toddy, about the life and adventures of his two scotties in Chesire; Akrotiri Nomads Wargames, dealing with the activities of of the Berewerton's brother wargames room; and finally Exiles Wargames Painter  where James shows his professional talents and sells his services.
  • Fall from Grace, running a blog of the same name and... er... different?.... from the usual suspects that I'm used to see around here
  • Grigork, aka The Megalomaniac (Mwhaha) who seems to have a wide range of wargaming interests including a recent foray in X-Wing (well done!) 
  • And last but not least, directly from The Netherlands, meet Hein from AV's Corner, who seem at first glance to be a passionate of all things IIWW 
Again, reiterate my welcome and I hope to maintrain your interest and attention... and of course you're free to invite your friends to join us.

Hey! One sec! Is that all? No prizes? (I hear yoy saying). Well not... yet. I've been thinking for some time whther to join or not the legion of bloggers that have been rewarding their loyal (ahem) folloowers with some nice prizes.

I'm still considering what to do (would not like to be just a "me too") but if any, I 'd probably celebrate coincding with the number of views (see bottom of the page for the counter) reaching the also magic figure of 150k. So stay with me,  not good-bye but see you later. 


  1. glad to be aboard been enjoying your posts.
    Peace James
    Gratz on the 200 followers

  2. Congrats on the milestone of 200 followers!


  3. Congratulations on the milestone, Benito!
    PS. Your prize from my draw is on it's loooong trip from the Antipodes!

  4. Great job. Your blog is well worth following.

  5. Congratulations!... A very good mark

  6. Congrats on breaking the 200 'barrier'.

  7. Congratualation to the 200 well deserved followers !!!

    best regards Michael

  8. Many thanks guys, as I said I see this blog more a community gathering of partners with the same interests that a one-direction information sender tool. At the time of the 150k views mark celebration, I'll try to run not only a prize draw but a survey on those aspects to improve (call it a "client satisfaction survey" if you like)