Monday, 29 July 2013

Chain of Command Pre-Order Period Starts

Just hot form the press!! The pre-order period for Chain of Command just started at the TooFatLardies website. There are different bundles of products combining the rules hardcopya  and pdf editions, specially designed jump-off point markers and other game materials at a substantial discount of the retail price that will be set on the release date (21st August), so don't miss the opportunity!

In Lard Island Blog you'll find some nice photos of these game materials and other relevant  information


  1. Replies
    1. If you fancy a WWII skirmish game, this is going to be superior to Bolt Action on all fronts

  2. Time to think about my pre-order!

  3. I need to figure out the funding for it. That and what to use for 15mm for Jump off points.

    1. Home made jump off points, really. Use some ammo boxes and jerry cans or even patrol stands (the latter I'm thinking building myself for 28mm)

  4. Pre-order placed. Looking forward to trying out these rules.

  5. My pre-order for the big bundle has been placed...I need to catch up with your AARs as I'm sure they will have some useful pointers in them.
    At the club we have tried just about every skirmish set published, a few of which have had some good points (not many though), but after the success of IABSM and Dux I am quietly optimistic that Lard will again scratch the spot that other rules just can't reach!
    I'll be looking to do home made jump offs for 28mm too so will be interested to see your progress there...