Thursday, 10 December 2015

Abyssinia 1935 for Chain of Command

A quick alert to those interested in dark but interesting war theaters pre-Second World War. Jim Hale and Rolf Grein, the same guys that two years ago produced the excellent supplements for the Spanish Civil War, will be realising a new supplement and lists for the wars in Abyssinia in 1935.

The first article of the series was publshed on December 2 in the official blog of TooFatLardies, introducing the period and providing some special rules to play it with Chain of Command. Since then, a number of army lists have been released almost daily, that you will find in the same site.

As I already have an Italian Army for the North African desert, it may a good opportunity to confront against some (unlike the British) exotic foes... should I convince one of may gaming buddies to jump into this wagon.

UPDATE: You can also follow the wide campaign and related topics here


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    The British are somewhat exotic... Indian, Sudanese and Somali forces form part of the range of units you could recreate and of course painting sunburnt flesh on the actual British troops should be a challenge for the painters out there.

  2. I expect that this will be of great influence to James Morris(?) as he's been known to out on some very beautiful demo games featuring the period.

    Of course many others will be excited to see this series too.


  3. ..thanks for the kick Aninbal...

    ...and don't forget to check out the entire Abyssinian Crisis blog for background and a ton of support info on army details, etc.

    Cheers...I hope you enjoy and get others to dive in and have ago...something different!

    ..check it out from the beginning and don't miss a thing!

  4. Abyssinia's an interesting period of WWII, very different from the normal.