Saturday, 19 December 2015

Warming Up to the Challenge

I will spend most of this weekend priming my models for Curt's Analogue Hobbies challenge, which is merely 2 days away now. My plan is to paint a German Fallschirmjager platoon for Chain of Command together with several supports (engineers, mortars, HMG, recoilless ATG and a Hetzer), reinforcements for my German infantry units (the recently released  wonderful Warlord German in snow uniform are on their way home as we speak...), some vehicles and a few French Napoleonic cavalry and infantry.

This should be close to the 500 points that I decided to use as my challenge level. 

What you see in the photo is part of the work done so far stored with my French Dragoons (I have noticed an alarmingly scarcity of storage space at home!!!). You may notice some models already initiated: don't worry, I won't cheat and use them to my challenge count; actually I put them on purpose in the photo... These are models I was painting when the challenge was announced and are part of the units I'm using for the contest.

Also, some of the models will "arrive" under the tree next 24th December and for obvious reasons can't even start the priming phase yet. The Xmas holidays will be useful to catch up.

So brushes, paints and models on the table ... on my marks, ready... BANG


  1. Yes, good luck sir! I'm giving the challenge a miss this year but I shall be interested to see how others get on.

  2. Great project, really interesting. Good luck!

  3. Will be following your German Fallschirmjager platoon with keen interest as likewise these will be coming up on my painting list.
    Best of luck with the challenge and a Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Benito, I am so pleased that you will be taking part this year. I know you'll do very well. You've set a great target, and I'm really looking forward to what comes from your brush!

  5. Thanks to all
    Good luck too to all those participating