Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Operation Martlet Campaign - Game 3

Resuming now normal program, after almost two weeks out travelling. 
We continue with the Martlet campaign as it was a national holiday in Spain; you may remember we decided to pull out in the second game after losing a significant number of units in the mist. In the third game the mist lifted so no more hassle, but the initiative was now German and they declared a counter-attack.
The truth is that at least on paper this was an option that may favour the British, being an opportunity to force the attrition of the German units. The truth is that the game´s outcome was totally the opposite: the British had to give ground again when the Force Moral fell to a dangerous level of 4.

And this happened without significant casualties (a support Sherman and a 2-inch mortar team), but the moral dice rolls were truly bad.
I must say the game was boring, with a cautious German players who did not attack aggressively but confronted by an over-cautious British players, who refused to take the initiative and waited for too long to deploy their units.
The little action saw this morning was a fire duel between a Sherman and German ATG and an artillery barrage falling on the only position defended by some strength by the British.
As for the first, the German ATG was caught in the open while moving, and having the British two consecutive initiatives, we thought it was going to be an easy prey... unfortunately most the casualties were absorbed by the gun commander, so when the German fired in their own turn, the Sherman received three net hits and blowed away. 

The loss of the support cost 2 Force Moral points to the British (who had started the game with a low 8 Force Moral level). A few phases later, the German FOO called and accurately put a mortar barrage on a house fill with British troops under cover... unfortunately we decided to place the 2-inch mortar team behind the house. The barrage broke the unit (1 moral point lost) and when the turn ended, the unit broke out of the table, meaning another moral point lost.

Having reached the Force Moral level 4 and with only 4 dice to command the troops, we decided that it was better to fight another day and pull out from the table.
Independently of the very bad dice rolls, the way I conducted the game was terrible. I waited for too long to deploy any troops (looking to confirm the axis of attack of the Germans before committing my own troops...) and I let slip away the opportunity to take the initiative at the beginning of the game. No excuses, a well deserved defeat for me.

We expect to play the four game on Sunday. Again the Germans will hold the initiative. The terrible truth is that they have been using the three games to fortify most of the houses to level of bunker, so each game passed the more difficult to win.


  1. Thanks for the write-up. One question, why did you roll a second time for the unit routing off table?
    My understanding is that you only roll when the unit breaks. When it routs off table at end of turn, you only roll if an attached leader routs with them.

    kind regards

    1. The unit (the 2" mortar team) broke under the mortar barrage, you have to roll for that.
      When the turn finished, the unit left the table routed, we understand it is the same as it being wiped out, and theregfore a second Moral roll is needed.

  2. Nope, you only roll for leaders routing. Teams and sections have already caused loss of morale when they broke.

  3. "The terrible truth is that they have been using the three games to fortify most of the houses to level of bunker, so each game passed the more difficult to win."

    For me, this is one of the downsides of skirmish games, including CoC. In my experience, he who controls a building, has quite an advantage to start with. I keep meaning to play games without buildings, but we seem to like them too much as they look so good. One day maybe...

  4. Nice write up, table, figures, etc - thank you for sharing!

  5. Interesting!
    Buildings are a double edged sword; good protection but (in CoC at least) limited fields of fire.
    Lovely models and terrain too.