Monday, 30 December 2013

Chain of Command España: A One-Stop Source


As mentioned a few days ago, TooFatlardies started the publication of materials to play the Spanish Civil War with Chain of Command (CoC España), an herculean task undertaken by fellow Lardites ("Lardistas"?) Jim Hale and Rolf Grain.

Over the Christmas period TooFatLardies official blog "Lard Island" has been releasing new lists covering in high level of detail the different actors of this conflict. In this  post I want to make the compilation of all the available materials, aiming to become a one-stop point to any person interested in the period. This post will be republished and updated with the release of new materials.

In addition to the lists, each specific entry in the Lard Island blog has a very interesting introduction that provides useful background information, that I strongly recommend to read in conjunction with the lists.

Rules and QRS
The specific rules applying to SCW can be downloaded here. In the same location you'll have access to a specific quick reference sheet to play your games

Nationalist Forces
  • Requetés here
  • Morroccan troops (Regulares) here
  • Foreign Legion (Tercio de la Legión) here
  • Security Services (Guardia Civil) here
  • Milicias de Falange here

Forces of the Republic of Spain
  • Milicias del 5º Regimiento here
  • Security Services (Asaltos, Carabineros) here
  • Workers Militia (Milicias obreras) here
Other information
The 2013 Christmas Special includes interesting articles on the historical background to the conflict, the Spanish army organisation before the July 1936 uprising, the use of armoured lorries ("Tiznaos") and the AFV's used in Spain (mainly Russian, Italian and German).

I hope you find this guide to CoC España useful.


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