Friday, 20 December 2013

Launching Operation "Afrika CoC"

To the new project!! Cheers mate!!

As every year this time, we all start pondering by now our new year resolutions list and, of course, deciding what new wargaming projects to pursue. And also by this time of the year we feel somewhat frustrated as many of our so carefully laid plans had been derailed as real life tend to interfere with our dreams more often than not.

In any case, I have the feeling that my plans for 2014 are going to work. It was just early this week that I was thinking how nice would be to play the North African theater of operations with Chain of Command, after seeing TFL’s report in the Antwerp Crisis gathering.  I was also quite attracted by the Perry’s plastic boxes and have been in the verge of buying both the 8th Army and the Afrika Korps several times visiting my local (drug?) dealer in Madrid.

So why not giving it a try? And even better... why not checking with some of club mates to see if anyone interested? To my surprise, I was overwhelmed with the response  and not 24 hours has passed when I had already 8 eager souls shelling me with emails and asking how and when to start. And our desire has only increased after reading the two first reports of the Desert Campaign currently being played at the TooFatLardies HQ!!

So here we are, our first gaming project for 2014 christened as “Afrika CoC” officially launched last Wednesday. Now you may think that it is too early to claim success... may be or may be not. Let me tell you about our progress so far:   painting work distributed, agreed on the Vallejo’s paint references and an homogeneous bases decoration; ordered a desert warmat to Barrage Miniatures; and created a Dropbox folder to share all the different reading and reference materials… phew!... and it is only Friday night!

With such a momentum building I could not resist visiting my local minis supplier this evening and making my first acquisition: a Perry’s  Italian Squadra of 20 men that hopefully will drop by the Christmas tree next Tuesday night.... and who knows if some reinforcements will join them before D-Day 24th December

I love when the pieces of a plan fall right in place!


  1. I look forward to seeing this project get of the ground and will follow with interest.

  2. I'm currently test-painting some marvellous Perry British figures. So I'm very much in the same camp as you. Desert CoC, how can anyone resist?

  3. Una noticia fantástica, Benito. Os seguiré con suma atención... ;)

  4. I will enjoy following this project. The Perry Desert lads are on my to paint-list for 2014 too.

  5. Ansiosos por comenzar, espero tener tiempo para participar activamente

  6. Looking forward to following what you do with this.
    Merry Christmas,

  7. I'm pretty sure this'll be another great project by you.

    1. Thanks for your trust! I hope not to disappoint....

  8. Cool, that's going to be interesting. We did something similar in anticipation of Chain of Commoand (cf our blog), and already played a couple of games. Quite different a setting and highly enjoyable.
    Cheers, SG

  9. Very interesting project. I have also been thinking about the Desert Campaing and the Perry models. I´m going to follow your progress with great interest!

  10. Good luck with the project, look forward seeing it come to live here. And a great link to barrage miniatures! Currently emailing with Alf to get one or two mats done :-) They look fantastic