Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Prezzies Arrived!

Anibal Invictus was a good boy and last night Santa rewarded him with some nice additions to his lead pile: Italians and British Perrys to start our Afrika CoC project!!

As you can see in the photo below, I've lost no time in opening my presents and the Italians are now being cleaned from flash and put on bases. The four boxes gave enough minis to build my first Squadra with  2 LMG teams of 4 men (front-row left) and a rifle team with 10 rifles (back) and a caporale, plus a Tenente (figure with pistol) that will act as platoon leader and a forward observer team (two proned figures on the right)... Now looking at the photos I've just realised that I need another leader to command the LMG teams (a sargente... luckily I have two spare figures yet unassigned)

The scultping is very good (as can be expected from the Perry's house) but the size is noticeable smaller than the current 28mm standard. On the other hand they are proportionally equivalent to the 8th Army plastics (and I guess the DAK minis)  so if you play only with Perry's it should not be a problem but mixing with other brands (specially Artizan) will probably not work well.


  1. Nice prezzies. As for the smaller size of the Perrys I like them. They are the same size as the old Wargames Foundry WW2 figures -- which were also sculpted by the Perrys -- and better proportioned than the larger 28mm figures. In my opinion, at least.

    1. They are nicely sculpted and proportioned, I agree; I'm just worried about how they may look on the table as some of my mates have acquired other brands.

  2. Merry christmas !

    best regards Michael

  3. These look really nice, looking forward to seeing them painted up


  4. Benito que vas a deja para los Reyes Magos?

  5. I am glad that Santa thought Annibal Invictus to be deserving of such fine presents. Hoping you and your family celebrated well. Best, Michael